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  • Most homeowners do not think about their appliances until something goes wrong and the appliance can no longer be used. This will often result in the cost of repairs being very high and many homeowners will simply replace the appliance. However, good appliance repairs can be very beneficial. When your appliances are repaired correctly and to a good quality, it will increase the longevity of the appliance. Minor repairs to your appliances will improve their overall efficiency. You should not wait until the appliance stops working to have it repaired. When an appliance is not repaired correctly, it will be a drain on your utilities. This will increase your utility bill.
  • In this course, students will be taught to repair machines or systems using the needed tools. They will be taught to perform routine maintenance on equipment and determine when and what kind of maintenance is needed. They will be explained how to determine causes of operating errors and decide what to do about it. They will understand what tests to conduct and how to inspect products, services or processes to evaluate quality of performance. They will learn which tools and equipments needed to do the job. They will know how to install equipments, machines, wiring or programs to meet specifications.

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