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MBA in Agri-business and Rural Development is a 2-year Post Graduate course in the domain of business administration with a specialization in the application of administrative principles and techniques in the context of agro-based business and rural economic development.Agribusiness consists of agricultural production and allied sectors and/or businesses. It consists of agrichemicals, breeding, crop production, distribution, farm machinery, processing, seed supply, marketing, sales, export-import, finance management, supply chain management, taxation and trading.Agribusiness is a very broad field. It encompasses agricultural production and its allied sectors. Agriculture happens to be the backbone of the rural economy in India. More than fifty percent of country’s livelihood is dependent upon agriculture. Apart from that agriculture is seen driving agro-based setups like food processing industries that contribute immensely to agriculture based GDP. The main aim of this discipline is to use management principles on agricultural production and its allied sectors, thus commercializing agricultural production.

The course focuses at bridging the gap of skilled and qualified professional that is required in the respective domain by nurturing the young graduates with industry relevant and market-specific knowledge base so, that they can make a contribution through its application and at the same time would be able to enhance their employability prospects.

This "Industry-Centric" approach of Silver Oak University is giving the students assured opportunities for internship & practical training and knowledge-sharing sessions from industry professionals and giving to the faculty member’s ample research-and-consultancy opportunities. It helps in contextualizing your studies in your sector. Whether you aspire to become an agricultural entrepreneur, a farm manager, advisor, consultant, or scientist, you will benefit from both hands-on practical experience and in-depth technical knowledge on a course that evolves with the input of industry advisers.

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Principle subjects present in MBA in Agribusiness Curriculum:
  • Principles of Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Accounting
  • Communication Skills
  • Marketing
  • Computer Application
  • Information Science
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management
  • Rural Marketing
  • Agribusiness Environment & Policy
  • Operations Research
  • Supply Chain Management (Agricultural)
  • Risk Management
  • Agribusiness Co-operatives
  • Commodity Markets & Trading
  • Banking & Insurance Management
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • Project management
  • Project work
Career Prospects & Job Ppportunities:

MBA in Agribusiness course trains students and turn them into management professionals of agribusiness and its allied sectors. Some the the prominent recruiters are:

  • Agrochemical Factories
  • Banks (Private & Government)
  • Food Production Firms
  • Agri-Machinery Industry
  • Import-Export Firms
  • Allied Sectors (Dairy Industry, Fishing Industry, Poultry Industry etc.)
  • Retail Firms (Food & Agricultural Products)
  • Government Boards (Agricultural, Fisheries, Fertilizers, Dairy etc.)
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Agro Business (Syllabus / Teaching schemes for rest of semesters will be uploaded soon)

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