Apple Lab

Apple Lab


We are moving into a new era of mobile computing, one that promises greater variety in applications, highly improved usability, and faster networking. A brief knowledge of the latest technologies and programming languages will help students to give a jump-start to their careers. Commercial organizations regularly bind with educational institutions to foster innovative research — sometimes at the basic level — that can lead to breakthrough solutions. Apple Lab was established on 28th Sept – 2012 and was inaugurated by GTU Vice Chancellor Dr. Akshay Agrawal. With this lab, the institute plans to impart knowledge of the technology developed by Apple Inc. to the students and collaborate with industry for various software development tasks.


To provide the latest facilities to the students for their projects & research works and to give knowledge of Apple Inc.’s mobile technology and programming languages. It will also as a consultancy to industries using this technology.

Laboratory Outcomes:

  • Implementation of Apple projects will facilitate teaching & learning process.
  • Students can be made aware with recent trends & technologies.
  • Useful in Industry Defined Project /User Defined Project (part of Gujarat Technological University curriculum) of the final year student
  • Creates conducive environment for R&D.
  • Technical skill of students for iOS development will improve.


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