Automotive Manufacturing (3 Years)

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  • This course is a branch of vehicle engineering making ample use of safety, mechanical, electronic, electrical and software engineering in the design, manufacture and operations of heavy and light vehicles and their subsystems. The course deals with the study of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing of automotive parts. It also focuses on the operations of heavy-duty vehicles, transportation vehicles, private vehicles and eco-friendly vehicles.
  • To provide exposure and to learn industrial practices according to the current corporate trends, Silver Oak University has Royal Enfield Centre of Excellence providing students novice to expert level training in the automotive manufacturing. It also boasts of having a 24 hours accessible automobile workshop used dedicatedly by the students since 6 years to discover and resolve technical challenges in designing & manufacturing All-Terrain Vehicle by using various available technical softwares.
  • The students with a passion in Automobile Industry shall be well equipped with the required skills that will help them to flourish in their dream industry.

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First Semester
Basic Manufacturing Processes
Basic Electricity
Basic Electronics
Basic Electricity and Electronics – Lab
Basic Manufacturing Processes - Lab
Automotive Service Technician -I

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