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Bachelor of Business Administration (Liberal arts) (4 years course)

  • Before the era of discipline specific studies, education was ‘liberal’ in the truest sense of the word. The ancient Indian education system, from the time of Buddha, was all-inclusive which implied a trans-disciplinary approach. The Learners were accustomed to diverse subjects ranging from Philosophy to Natural Sciences.
  • BBA (Liberal Studies) Program at Silver Oak University re-introduces this holistic system of education considering the ever- changing demands of the modern world. It is a unique, integrated, and interdisciplinary, integrated, and interdisciplinary program. It has been designed to shape Leaders for various domains.
  • We at Silver Oak University have designed the program aiming to shape the Learners to become Change Leaders and lead the domains of their choice. Its goal is to provide a holistic education, so that these future leaders become academically sharp, mentally strong, physically fit, spiritually elevated. A true leader is expected to think dynamically and inclusively as a Change Leader. To develop in learners a multi-dimensional perspective towards problem-solving, a broad array of subjects from various disciplines is available to choose as per the customized requirements of each Learner. The tailor-made customized provides flexibility and variety that suits the interests and needs of each Learner.

Popular majors include:
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management

Learning objective:
• Articulate the knowledge and skills students should be able to acquire by the end of a course of study.
• Demonstrate understanding of major findings and ideas in a variety of disciplines beyond the major.
• Demonstrate understanding of methods, skills, tools and systems used in a variety of disciplines, and historical, theoretical, scientific, technological, philosophical, and ethical bases in a variety of disciplines.
• Use appropriate technologies to conduct research on and communicate about topics and questions and to access, evaluate and manage information to prepare and present their work effectively to meet academic, personal, and professional needs.
• Demonstrate critical analysis of arguments and evaluation of an argument's major assertions, its background assumptions, the evidence used to support its assertions, and its explanatory utility.
Learning outcomes:
• Develop inter-disciplinary understanding of business practices.
• Communicate complex information in clear and concise manner to various stakeholders.
• Analyze business case-studies across various business verticals.
• Perceive and solve different and non-familiar business challenges in a collaborative manner.
• Use ICT Tools in a variety of learning situations, use software for data analysis and use cyber-human interface effectively.
• Show capabilities to work on business models contextually.
• Assess environmental damage and develop environment friendly and sustainable business practices.
• Form ethical moral value system and cater to the community needs in a voluntary manner.
Develop social sensibility and contribute to CSR practices.
• Demonstrate leadership traits by building team, inspiring vision and take members of team to a shared goal.
• Appreciate local ethos and global best practices in all endeavors, and understand start-up ecosystem and work on self-reliance.
• Raise awareness of the importance of constant up-skilling in Industry and Education and demonstrate effective usage of existing e-resources.

Semester 1

Core courses Elective courses
1. English Communication
2. Basic Mathematics
3. Science in Everyday Life
4. Introduction to Computer Science
5. Leadership
6. Understanding of Theatrical Arts
7. Foreign Language

Semester 2

Core courses Elective courses (Any 1)
1. Micro Economics 1 1. Styles of Dance
2. Introduction to Psychology 2. Musical Styles
3. Development of Media 3. Fundamentals of Programming and Data Structure
4. Introduction to World Civilization
5. Urban Development and City Governance
6. Foreign Language

Semester 3

Core courses Elective courses (Any 1)
1. Exploration of Literary Forms 1. Basics of Accounting
2. Principles of Management 2. Films and Society
3. Introduction to Environmental Studies 3. Disaster Management and Sustainable Development
4. Introduction to International Relations
5. Applied Psychology
6. Sports
7. Foreign Language

Semester 4

Core courses Elective courses (Any 1)
1. Introduction to Principles of Public Administration and Governance 1. Rural Development in India
2. Basics of Indian Foreign Policy 2. Cognitive Psychology
3. World Classics 3. Advanced Atmospheric Science
4. Macro Economics 1
5. Principles of Marketing
6. Introduction to Environmental
7. Foreign Language

Semester 5

Major Concentration courses Minor Concentration courses
1. Financial Management 1. Industrial Marketing
2. Marketing of Goods and Service

Semester 6

Major Concentration courses Minor Concentration courses
1. Business Research Methods 1. Strategic Brand Management
2. Business Research Methods

Semester 7

Major Concentration courses Minor Concentration courses
1. Advanced Financial Management 1. Integrated Marketing Communication
2. Supply Chain Management

Semester 8

Major Concentration courses Minor Concentration courses
1. Financial Engineering 1. International Finance
2. E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing

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