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Are you interested in natural sciences such as biology, biochemistry and molecular biology? Do you enjoy performing experiments and would you like to develop new products? Are you also fascinated by industrial prosses and systems? Then the Bachelor’ s degree programme in Biotechnology is just the thing for you.

Biotechnology is one of the key technologies of the future. It is the interdisciplinary combination of biological, medical and technical science. The aim is to produce or analyse useful compounds derived from beneficial micro-organisms, animal and plant cell, or their components. Biotechnological methods allow the production of substances that are difficult or impossible to produce by purely chemical methods. Today more and more analytical methods are based on biological principles.

Biotechnology has become an indispensable tool in the research and development of new drugs. It brings biological processes into technical procedures and industrial production. as a graduate who has specialised in biotechnology, you are equipped to work on the development of often act as a link between management, university graduates, technical staff and skilled workers, and take on technical and managerial responsibilities. Companies in the areas of biotechnology and pharmaceutical, food and beverages, bio-medicine and the chemical, cosmetic and environmental sectors are typical employers.

After foundation studies in the first year, you expand your scientific and technical knowledge and skill in the second year. With your specialisation in the third year you can focus on your own particular interest. Through many practical sessions in small group, you acquire methodological and social competence. in the fourth semester, as part of your literature review, you also learn how to write scientific publications. In addition, the subsequent semester assignment and Bachelor’s thesis promote your ability to work independently on projects with a high degree of self-confidence.

Program objectives: Faculty- Science
  • Development of bioprocesses
  • Molecular and cell biology research
  • Bioanalysis
  • Engineering, systems engineering
  • Production planning and coordination
  • Biosafety
  • Quality management, certification
  • Environmental protection (analyses, risk management)
  • Bioenergy
  • Research, education and training
  • Develop and implement cultivation processes for microorganisms as well as for plant, animal and human cell.
  • Produce recombinant proteins, DNA vectors, and chemical and starter cultures.
  • Characterise microorganisms and mammalian cell.
  • Carry out projects involving the development of bioprocesses and systems engineering.
  • Transfer biotechnological laboratory processes into the production environment.
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