Black Cherry Club


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Who should join?

Those passionate towards the changing era of technology which will further help in creating a different world.

  • All those who want to enter into the world of animation and graphics.
  • Those who are inspired to develop 3D environment and embed it in day-to-day applications.


  • Technical knowledge in the field of Virtual Reality will be provided to the students.
  • Providing a conducive environment to the students with high-end facilities for their research work which will be beneficial in different areas like Medical, Entertainment, Gaming and Education.
  • Entrepreneurship Skills will be developed in students.

Exposure to technology:

  • Hands-on sessions on various graphics and animation sof-twares like 3D Max, Unity 3D, Panorama 360 and photosphere.
  • Knowledge of High End Gadgets like Oculus, NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 690, NVIDIA Quadro 6000 is imparted in this club.


  • The first product launched by the students of this club is "SOCET VISION'. It is a virtual reality device that was successfully developed and marketed for the first time during the State level Techfest-2015 at the college.
  • Leading press media such as The Hindu, Navgujarat Samay, Sandesh and also electronic media such as GSTV, Sandesh ,GTPL news and TV9 highly appreciated the students and the faculty members by covering this event on a large scale.
  • Because of the efforts of the students of this club, 360? virtual tour of the college campus has been developed, which is novel in its own way.


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