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The gap created in education world due to covid situation has created a great opportunity for all the students towards building their skills and restrengthening their foundations. This is also a great opportunity for all the students to take themselves a step ahead by adding necessary knowledge and values while touching the stepping stone to a competitive world.

Silver Oak University presents a great opportunity for all Class 12 students to participate in 7 to 10 hrs. Certification programs on :

Certification courses provide students with an opportunity to their education and broaden their professional experience. They are ideal for anyone who already possesses education in a certain area, but simply wants a deeper understanding of a topic. It can give you the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

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1. Accounting and role of accountants.
Course duration - 7 to 10 hrs.
    Why Accounting is Important?
  • Accounting plays a vital role in running a business because it helps you track income and expenditures, ensure statutory compliance, and provide investors, management, and government with quantitative financial information which can be used in making business decisions.
  • Key Points to be covered
    - Accounting Basics
    • Debit and Credit (Double Entry System)
    • Book –keeping
    • Accounting Equation
    • Accounting Principles
    • Accounting Conventions
    • Financial Statements
    • 1. Income Statement
    • 2. Position Statement
    • 3. Cash flow Statement
    • Sample Transactions
    • Quiz

  • - Role of Accountant
    • Overview
    • Role of Accountant in Decision making
    • Responsibilities of Accountant
    • Types of Accountants
    • Functions of Accountant
    • Role of Accountant in Modern Era
2. Introduction to SAP & ERP.
Course duration - 7 to 10 hrs.
  • • SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing.
    • SAP is developed by SAP AG, German Software Company which is found in 1972
    • Covered Wide Market range in ERP system
  • Benefits of SAP training
    • Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the most challenging projects
    • Wider spectrum of opportunity in the global market
    • Competitive edge to meet the strategic goals of your organization
    • Gain international recognition and instill client confidence
    • Our instructors are practicing SAP consultants having in-depth product knowledge, project implementation experience and proficient course delivery skills
  • ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which handled all the works of companies in one system and we can complete our whole work by only one software. Ex: SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards etc

    ERP: Centralized System & Decentralized System
  • Benefits of ERP training
    • It eliminates the duplication, discontinuity, and redundancy in data
    • Provides information across departments in real time.
    • Increases productivity, better inventory management, promotes quality, reduced material cost, reduced overheads boosts profits.
    • Better customer interaction and increased throughput.

  • Key Points to be covered
    • Why SAP AND ERP
    • Organisation Structure
    • Modules of SAP ERP
    • Careers in SAP
3. Entrepreneurship
Course duration - 7 to 10 hrs.
  • A certificate in entrepreneurship provides students with the skills they need to successfully start, manage, or improve their own business. Students receive instruction in management, finance, basic accounting, and marketing. Critical-thinking and advanced communication skills are greatly emphasized in this program, and students are taught how to keep their business afloat in an ever-changing economic climate. Students also receive instruction on dealing with a culturally and intellectually diverse clientele
  • A certificate in entrepreneurship can benefit anyone who owns or is thinking about owning their own business. It gives you the tools you need to succeed on all fronts, and ensures that your business generates the maximum amount of revenue and attention.
  • Key Points to be covered
    • What is Entrepreneurship ? • Industries and Business Models. • How to connect with people ? How to promote your ideas. • Importance of Business communication. • Key calculations that matters in running a business. • Importance of speculation and budget. • How to prepare Project reports for Bank loans. • Brand and Social Media Marketing. • Legal Matters- Structure, Copy right, patents. • Show me the moola - Presentation of Business plans. • How to convert ideas into perfect business plans.

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