Chemical Engineering (3 Years)

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  • Silver Oak University provides a 3-year Diploma program in Chemical Engineering that enables the student to understand the development of processes and operation of plants dealing with the change in physical or chemical state of materials. In addition to imparting knowledge of chemical science, the course also exposes the students to its application in human science areas as well. It mainly covers the application of mathematics and economic calculations in order to analyze the possibilities for developing more refined products.
  • Various opportunities are provided to the students to undergo internships in several domains of the field such as Dyes & Intermediates, Fertilizer, Speciality Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and polymers. For the overall development, the students are kept engaged in many co-curricular and extracurricular activities like Non-working Model Making which help them understand the concept in a lucid manner.
  • The students are encouraged to work on mini-projects in which they are given real-world problems to be solved by the implementation of the theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, the students are taken to the field trip to understand the actual working of different processes ongoing in the industry. Rather than stepping into the industry, on completion of the Diploma course, students can opt for a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering.
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