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  • M. Tech in Chemical Engineering is a 2-year graduate program that deals with the design, development of processes and operation of plants through which the physical or chemical state of materials undergo various changes. Founded on the principles relating chemistry, physics, and mathematics, Chemical Engineering finds application in process industries. Chemical engineers invent, design and operate industrial processes that convert raw materials into valuable products. Example products are food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, detergents, drinking water, fuel and electricity. These products are relevant to almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Chemical engineers are very much in demand in industry because consumers are demanding both more sophisticated products and sustainable processes.
  • The course curriculum introduces students to advanced Chemical Engineering courses such as Advanced Transport Phenomena, Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Numerical Methods and Optimization in Chemical Engineering, Advanced Process Control, Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering and Advanced Separation Processes. Apart from these core courses, the students are also offered professional breadth courses to get acquainted with the recent advancements.

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