Chemistry (3 Years)

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  • B.Sc Chemistry is an undergraduate course divided into six semesters within three years. B.Sc Chemistry deals with the study of substance and its composition. It makes one understand the structure and properties of the compounds/elements made up of atoms, molecules, and ions.
  • B.Sc Chemistry includes topics like inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, etc. The program gives suitable direction to students to understand the chemical reactions and their productivity. B.Sc chemistry persons have good skills to understand chemical composition and evaluation of it as well as good hand-on experiments and laboratory work.

Program Objectives:
  1. To understand the basic concept of various chemical compositions and their properties.
  2. To understand the chemical reactions and productivity of different compositions.
  3. To develop the skill of analyzing the chemicals and data interpretation.
  4. To provide the student with the advanced tools and techniques used in the Analytics field.
  5. To know about formulating, investigating, and analyzing the real-life problems with multidisciplinary aspects.
  6. To make students aware of the advanced areas of chemistry and their applications in various fields.
Program Outcomes:
  1. The graduate will be able to understand the concept of chemistry with experimental work and its detailed analysis.
  2. The graduate will have the skill of handling apparatus and chemicals.
  3. The graduates will have the ability to apply principles of chemistry in various domains.
  4. The graduate will have the ability to work and communicate efficiently in an inter-disciplinary field as an individual.
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