Chemistry Hons. (4 Years)

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Semester 1

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Inorganic Chemistry I Basics of Computer
Inorganic Chemistry Lab-I Human Values
Physics – I Basics of Accounting
Physics – I Lab Introduction to Bio Chemistry
Mathematics- I (For A Group) Or Biological Science- I (For B Group)
English Communication
Indian Regional Language (Other than Hindi/Gujarati)

Semester 2

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Physical Chemistry I Workplace Communication
Inorganic Chemistry Lab-II Basic techniques and importance of YOGA
Physics – II Basics of Statistics
Physics – II Lab Basic of Microbiology
Mathematics- II (For A Group) Or Biological Science- II (For B Group)
Environment Studies
Foreign Language

Semester 3

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Organic Chemistry I Food Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Lab-I Chemistry of Paints and Dyes
Novel Inorganic Solids Industrial Chemicals & Environment
Applications of Computers in Chemistry Atmospheric Sciences
Physics-III or Maths III (for A Group) Physics-III or Biological ScienceIII (for B Group)

Semester 4

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Analytical Chemistry-I Pesticide Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Lab-I Chemical Technology & Society
Material Chemistry Nanoscale Materials and their Applications
Green Chemistry Advanced Atmospheric Science
Physics-IV or Maths IV (for A Group) Physics-IV or Biological ScienceIV (for B Group)

Semester 5

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Inorganic Chemistry II Inorganic Materials of Industrial Importance
Inorganic Chemistry Lab-II Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Oxygen and Nitrogen containing functional groups Forensic Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry & Bioinorganic Chemistry Fundamentals of Biotechnology
Organic Chemistry Lab-II

Semester 6

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Chemical Thermodynamics and its Applications Polymer Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Lab-II Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis
Analytical Chemistry II Basic of Chromatography
Analytical Chemistry Lab-II Soil and Water Microbiology
Conductance & Chemical

Semester 7

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Coordination Chemistry Research Methodology for Chemistry
Heterocyclic & Stereochemistry Supramolecular Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Lab-III Natural Products
Inorganic Chemistry Lab-III Intellectual Property Rights

Semester 8

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
Phase Equilibria and Electrochemical Cells -
Spectroscopy & Applied Organic Chemistry -
Project work -

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