Computer Engineering with ML & AI (4 Years)

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  • Computer Engineering with ML & AI at Silver Oak University is a 4-year undergraduate specialization programme that presents a solid foundation in the principles and technologies to get on the path of an exciting, sprouting career that is predicted to grow sharply for years to come and beyond. ML & AI will impact all fragments of daily life, with applications in a wide range of sectors such as robotics, healthcare, insurance, transport, logistics, security, etc.
  • Understanding the sensitivity of this growing technology and with a motivation of bridging the gap between academics and industry, SOU has been providing a corporate-level training program for ML-AI under M.E.D.H.A. (Machine Learning Enhances Deep Learning with Heuristic Algorithms) - which is executed in batches round the year in association with renowned experts from industry.
  • Taking a cue from the success of this initiative, SOU has introduced Bachelor's of Computer Engineering with specialization in ML-AI. This programme will lead students to become a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Architect and Business Analyst in the exciting new world of ML & AI. This course covers advanced skills in the technologies that underlie AI including logic probabilistic models, natural language processing, speech recognition, reinforcement learning and deep learning. SOU has a history of successful placements wherein more than 70 AI-ML enthusiasts have been benefited in terms of 100% placement with handsome packages.
SOCET Fee (78,000/-)
ASOIT Fee (63,000/-)

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Note: Listed Subjects Could Be Change
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