An electronic library allows users to read or refer any published items from their residence, office, college via internet. Users don’t need to visit the library physically. Now the academic libraries are shifting from traditional print resources to e-resource and are being maintained as Institutional repository. These resources are theses and dissertations and other innovative academic work done by the faculties and students. These sources of institutional repository are distributed via internet or intranet to its user community.

When using electronic information sources lot of benefits are obtained by the users which are enumerated below:

  • E-libraries are the best tool for providing online resources for research which makes information easily accessible to its users.
  • Retrospective search is easy and most convenient than print resource.
  • Literacy increases when search is made by educators.
  • Searching of index is also easy.
  • It supports searching with the combination of keyword.
  • Searching made by patrons for their project to retrieve a manageable amount of content, becomes quick and easy.
  • Provision for simultaneous access of multiple files.
  • It facilitates its patrons for research solutions.
  • Provision for printout and downloads for future references.
  • The distance learners can also search their requirement from e-library.
  • It provides the benefit of integrated search to dictionary, encyclopaedia, almanacs, etc. through the reference desk.
  • The simplest functionality like point-and-click promotes interest users.


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