“Good design has the power to transform and provide lasting solutions that improve our lives.”
  • Designers apply creative and open approaches to defining and solving problems, leading to high-quality decisions. This enables businesses and industries to overcome rigid or outdated ways of doing things.
  • Design has applications in the creation and improvement of our cities, buildings, transport networks, furniture,websites, processes, bridges, landscapes and environment. Designers are innovators who enhance the way we live and interact with the world around us.
  • If you are imaginative, enjoy learning about new fields, and want to play a role in improving the way we live and the places we live in, Design could be a good fit for you.
  • With very close connections to industry and cultural resources, SOU's approach is always forward-thinking and ambitious. Students undertake a semester model of study, achieving a Bachelor of Design in just 4 years,allowing students to launch their career in the design industry being a seasoned at their work through rigorous practical hands on experience in market.
  • Silver Oak University prepares graduates as designers of the future for careers in fashion, creative direction and styling, and interior design; and as creative practitioners, Silver Oak graduates employ cutting-edge technologies to further industry engagement, foster equitable business practices and grow the economy of the design industry.
  • The 4 year programme in designing aims to be both people-centric and technology-led. It will help create a new brand of individualistic designers who enjoy creating miracles with aid of new age technology.
  • The Programme is specially designed to enable the enthusiast in business, entrepreneurship and technology to equip designers with a multi disciplinary approach to handle complex real-life challenges. It is designed to equip students with a solutionary mind set.

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  • The Faculty of Design at Silver Oak University aspires to provide quality education to students from all sections of society. This would enable them become competent professionals in the field of Design and allied areas. Technology based pedagogy delivered by our motivated teachers' guarantees that the students who graduate from here are a class apart. We have best quality infrastructure including rich library, well equipped laboratories and other facilities for the use of the students. Time and again we keep organizing seminars, workshops and expert sessions to increase the exposure of our students. The Faculty emphasizes on industry academia collaboration for gaining practical knowledge. All such activities instil both life skills and global competencies among the students.

  • I warmly welcome you all to the Faculty of Design and wish you best for your future.
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Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)

( 4 years )
  • Fashion Design
  • Communication Design
  • Environment Design
  • Industrial Design
Fashion Design
Apparel Design
  • This degree provides the technical and professional knowledge and capabilities to work as a fashion designer and fashion product developer within the global fashion industry.
Leather Design
  • Through this program one will expand on methods of researching, designing, pattern cutting and garment realisation to achieve finished fashion concepts relevant to industry needs.
Accessories (Gems & Jewellery) Design
  • Student will become an expert in textiles and clothing materials and know how to combine clothing pieces along with other elements like shoes, bags, and jewellery. Student graduate a fashion trend and, at the same time, spread a message through your clothing line and collection. A fashion designer aims to create a unique style so that the work is acknowledged and easily distinguished.

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