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Silver Oak University is renowned for its innovative approaches and its strong focus on transforming education into innovation.

Silver Oak Institute of Management (SOIM) with a vision to prepare students for the corporate world by offering contemporary academic rigor across various management disciplines.

As part of Silver Oak University's commitment to bridging the gap between academic learning and industry demands, the Department of Management adopts pedagogy and andragogy approaches to impart the curriculum, including:

  • Summer Internship Programme (SIP): Providing practical experience through internships.
  • Comprehensive Capstone Projects: Offering hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Industrial Visits: Regular visits to eminent companies for exposure.
  • Guest Speaker Sessions: Inviting experts to deliver insightful talks.
  • Management Conclaves: Organizing forums for industry discussions.
  • Case Study Analysis: Facilitating critical thinking through real-world cases.
  • Newspaper Discussion Forums: Engaging students in current affairs.
  • Transdisciplinary Learning: Encouraging interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • Logic & Critical Thinking Sessions: Fostering analytical skills development.
  • TED Talks: Inspirational talks to broaden horizons.

At SOIM, we uphold a philosophy of excellence, where quality is not just an act but a habit. We believe in fostering a conducive learning environment where faculty-student relationships are valued and interactive classroom sessions enhance student receptivity.

Our faculty members, comprising experienced professionals from diverse management domains, play a pivotal role in nurturing this environment. They are encouraged to engage in research, consulting, and sponsored projects to stay abreast of industry trends. Additionally, faculty development programs are conducted to ensure their adaptability to students' educational needs.

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