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To cater to the rising demand of MBA Healthcare, Silver Oak University is offering specialized MBA in Healthcare Management on the lines of their flagship MBA programme. The syllabus is designed to help students understand the complexities of the healthcare system and to manage health and health-related facilities more effectively with a vision that our graduates will establish highly visible and successful careers in hospitals, health systems, health insurance companies, medical practices, technology and consulting firms, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and healthcare policy development institutions. The MBA draws from your current and past experience, encouraging you to constantly apply theory to practice. It aims to enhance your capabilities to think critically, deal with ambiguity and seek solutions to complex problems. You can develop the core knowledge of concepts and business models, with a strong understanding of processes and practices, in order to develop your leadership, financial and project management skills within the healthcare management sector.

As part of this degree, you will have the opportunity to investigate the way management practice relates to wider societal and intercultural issues. You will consider the need for responsible, ethical and culturally sensitive practices in today’s global economy and the challenges it may present. The course will explore the wider external consequences of decisions and actions taken within the organisation, in order to develop your responsible management practice and help you with career progression.

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MBA Healthcare & Hospital Management:
  • With the people getting more concerned andactively involved in their health, the focus is also shifting on the prevention than simply on cure without getting their wellness affected adversely. This change has created a newer healthcare delivery model that is more personalized and have a customer-centric approach. With the greater access to health information through various health care sites and apps, this new ecosystem has given rise to the specialized MBA Healthcare Management Course.
  • MBA Healthcare Management or Master of Business Administration Healthcare Management is a 2-year course that focuses on making professionals for the healthcare industry. One of the recent and upcoming preferred Management programs is MBA in Healthcare Management. The Specialization in Healthcare Management offers you with domain knowledge in the healthcare sector and also equip you with general management skillsThe course is split into 4 semesters, spanning over six months each.
  • Aspirants who have a Bachelor's Degree in any discipline and an accumulated score of 50%, all from a nationally syndicated university, can apply for the course.
  • Along with various projects and case studies, students willing to pursue this course will also have to study major subjects of the field. Some of those are Essentials of Healthcare Administration, Hospital Operation, Quality Management in Hospitals, etc.
Outcomes of MBA Healthcare Management:

 Check out the mentioned below points to know more about the course:

  • Candidates of the MBA Healthcare Management course are qualified to manage diverse roles of leadership, management, administration in the Healthcare sector.
  • The course is a mix of theories, assignments and case studies that differ according to college norms.
  • Candidates are taught diverse subjects like Quantitative Techniques, Financial Accounting, and Human Resource Management to give an insight into the workings of the system.
  • The subjects in the first-year study of MBA are common to other streams in order to lay a strong foundation in fields of finance, marketing, Operations and Human resource as they are useful to the Healthcare sector.
  • MBA Healthcare Management syllabus involves working on case studies as applied in the Health Care system, enabling students to gain enriching knowledge regarding the actual workings of the industry.
  • Integration of emerging technology like AI, wearable, IoT and machine learning in healthcare management has further enhanced the MBA in Healthcare Management Scope for its students. Vast opportunities for students pursuing MBA Healthcare Management include Health Insurance, Healthcare IT, Hospital administration, Consultancy, Data analytics, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Diagnostics.
  • The MBA in Healthcare Management covers the knowledge and process how the data need to be collected and stored, maintained, and analyzed to help in getting accurate results in diagnosis, patient safety, drug efficacy, effective treatments, disease prevention, increase in compliance of drugs and improve the accessibility of a medical facility.
  • The analytics in MBA healthcare management help in reducing the burden of non-communicable disease and healthcare costs; improve the various healthcare parameters like Maternal Mortality, Infant Mortality. It also results in improving workforce efficiency.
  • Let us know about each type of institutes offering MBA Healthcare management with the program name, duration.
  • With the highest range of salary for these professionals going up to INR 12 LPA, some of the top recruiters of this field are Cipla, Apollo Life, Wipro GE Healthcare, Cadila Healthcare, etc.
  • With the highest range of salary for these professionals going up to INR 12 LPA, some of the top recruiters of this field are Cipla, Apollo Life, Wipro GE Healthcare, Cadila Healthcare, etc.
  • With the highest range of salary for these professionals going up to INR 12 LPA, some of the top recruiters of this field are Cipla, Apollo Life, Wipro GE Healthcare, Cadila Healthcare, etc.
  • With an average MBA Healthcare Management salary ranging from INR 5 to 12 LPA, the top firms recruiting these graduates include:
    • Apollo Life
    • Cadila Healthcare
    • Cipla
    • Advanced Healthcare Resources of India
    • Wipro GE HealthCare
  • The continuous research due to lack of access to quality healthcare makes the Healthcare Management a recession-proof sector for many more decades offering high career opportunity to the professionals with specialized MBA Healthcare & Hospital Management.
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