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With the world getting narrower day by day and economic inter-dependence among the countries increasing, the demand for MBA in International Business is also rising. Because of growing Corporate and Industry demand, MBA in International Business has become one of the most preferred specialized MBA courses in India. It has now become a key area of study that offers high career growth prospects.

Master in International Business is designed to address managerial issues that are relevant to doing business across national boundaries while incorporating the necessary basics of business. Silver Oak University’s two -year Master of International Business gives you the skills and knowledge needed by industries competing in an international environment. It covers key aspects of economics, management, marketing, accounting and finance from an international perspective. It combines key aspects of global competition, simplifying the complexities of international business management, cooperation, getting higher market share and maximizing the profit not only through export and import but also through managing international financial services, global consultancy, marketing, making best use of international logistics & supply chain, international retail marketing, international laws on customs, tariffs, duties among others.The students will be ready for a range of careers in multinational corporations, international organisations and governmental agencies.You'll have opportunities to connect with industry, both in the classroom and on the field.

To ensure you are career-ready upon graduation, the offering will feature a practical approach that will include gaining technical knowledge and skills through hands-on learning. A full-time 6-week experiential learning opportunity (internship) with a participating organization will further round out your industry knowledge and experience in international business.

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Some of the topics covered include:
  • The impact of globalization
  • International differences in cultures, language, etc.
  • How to enter foreign markets
  • Competing with foreign companies entering domestic markets
  • Importing & exporting
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Exchange rates
Learning Outcomes:
  • How businesses operate within a global context
  • Business success depends on a multitude of factors. Understanding these factors in a global environment is essential to your career in international business.
  • Become familiar with the practices used by multinational corporations to achieve their social, operational and financial goals.
  • Marketing
  • Refine your skills and knowledge in marketing so you can operate more effectively in a rapidly changing global business environment.
  • Human resource management
  • Knowing how to motivate and manage people in multicultural environments is a key component of working in businesses that operate across borders.
Course Objective:

The objective of the course is to help professionalize the foreign trade management of the country and increase the exports and imports by generating, analysing and conducting research.


MBA in International Business graduates have an immense opportunity in the current market. Career-options after this course are increasing rapidly. International business degree holders are often required due to increasing globalization and the growing number of businesses currently competing on the international stage.There is ample scope for work in this field both in the country and abroad. There are a number of private companies in the country that are involved in international business where one can seek employment. One also gets the opportunity to work in transnational and multinational companies across the world. There are opportunities in government departments and ministries that are dealing with international trade.

Following are the functional areas for MBA in International Business graduates:

  • Export-Import Management
  • Brand Management
  • International Marketing
  • Logistics Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Shipping industry
  • International courier companies
  • Tourism industry
  • Financial institutions
  • Banks,-both foreign & local
  • There are also opportunities for undergoing research programs like Ph.D. for academic and research-based jobs.
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International Business (Syllabus / Teaching schemes for rest of semesters will be uploaded soon)

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