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  • The real-world problems necessitate the interface of multiple disciplines in these days. Considering this fact, the faculty of Mathematical Sciences at Silver oak University introduced an Undergraduate Program B.Sc. (Mathematical Sciences). This program includes fundamentals of Calculus, Algebra, differential equations, and numerical methods, etc. The changing environment and physical activity demand a huge number of experts, who can deal with complex data structures, communicate effectively, and completely understand the techniques, hazards, and capable of advanced decision-making methods.
  • This program can prepare students for the assemblage of numerate and analytical professions related to the core of modern researches. Upon completion of the program, students will have a good understanding of the techniques and methods of modern mathematical sciences, and a clear intuition into the scientific and industrial areas.

Program Objectives:
The aim of this program is
  • To avail of the skills and knowledge from a wide range of the topics of Calculus, Algebra, numerical methods, differential equation, etc. and hence this program meets the present need of the industries.
Program Outcomes:
  1. The graduates will able to apply mathematical techniques to real-life problems.
  2. Develop mathematical modeling and problem-solving skills.
  3. Develop an analytical approach to problem-solving, logical discussion, and deductive reasoning to make the students well prepared to work on complex problems.
  4. Creating and analyzing the mathematical models of real-world situations.
  5. Learning theoretical fundamentals in the abstract physical world.
  6. Develop mathematical problem-solving skills for certain types of real-world problems and their variants in a variety of mathematical contexts.
  7. Provide hands-on training to the students in the form of practicals and project work, to address some significant issues faced by industries.
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