Microbiology (2 Years)

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Program Objectives

The objective of Microbiology programmer at the post-graduation level to avail of the innovative idea in the world of microbiology for human and environmental welfare.

The application of information that converts in knowledge in the subject of microbiology is the key feature of the program.

To develop entrepreneurship among the students, the hands-on laboratory training with digital theory sessions, that make students qualify a broad range of position in Research and Development, Food & Drugs industry, and further education in a doctoral program.

To address a broad range of fields including biopolymer chemistry, marine biochemistry, environmental biotechnology, food science, microbiology, microbial genetics, molecular biology, and systematic biology.

The Masters in Microbiology program will address the increasing need for skilled scientific entrepreneurial understanding of research ethics involving microorganisms for application, advancement, and impartment of knowledge in the field of microbiology and molecular biology globally. The laboratory training will empower them to prepare for careers in a broad range of fields. The program will encourage the students to think of innovative ways of problem to be solved.

Program Objectives:M.Sc. Microbiology

  • After M.Sc. Microbiology, deep knowledge of the structure of microorganisms, metabolism in the cell, knowledge of the concepts of molecular genetics and biosynthesis of proteins, enzymology, physiology, microbial pathogenicity, environmental and agricultural microbiology, genetic engineering, bioengineering, and a good theoretical and practical insight into methods used to obtain this knowledge.
  • They can obtain knowledge about various methodological and analytic approaches that are used within the specialization.
  • Master’s project work and international literature is the prime source of knowledge that students can learn and understand in the real manner of the whole learning process.
  • They can compete in national levels competitive exams such as NET-JRF or GATE or International exams such as GRE-TOEFEL and can pursue a career in higher studies.
  • Performance of practical skills in the use of tools, technologies, and methods common to microbiology, and apply the scientific method and hypothesis testing in the design and execution of experiments.
  • Cultivate skill to independently carry out a complete scientific work process, including the understanding of the theoretical background, hypothesis generation, collection and analysis of data, and interpretation and presentation of results. Also, they can communicate scientific results to the general public and experts by writing well-structured reports and contributions for scientific publications and posters, and by oral presentations.
  • Students can work with multidisciplinary projects within selected topics related to microbiology and the ability to contribute to a multidisciplinary team.
  • Students are capable to evaluate methods and results within the field of specialization critically such as statistical, kinetics, and reaction evaluations.
  • They can evaluate and predict the technological, ethical, and social effects of their own work /disciplines and microbiology.
  • Students are very well aware of health, safety, and environment (HSE) issues in handling chemicals and biological materials; understand the environmental impacts associated with the activity; performs risk assessments, and are familiar with safety instructions in his/her subject area.
  • Also, they can join DMLT (diploma in medical laboratory technology) & (MLT medical laboratory technology) and grab the job opportunity in the pathology laboratory, blood bank, hospital, primary health center (PHC), or private laboratories.
  • They can join the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) if they want to do teaching in primary as well as secondary schools.
  • After higher studies, students can join as a scientist and can even look for professional job oriented courses.
  • They can go for Indian Forest Service and other competitive examinations. The student after graduating will be eligible for various government exams conducted by UPSC, SSC, etc. This course also offers opportunities for serving in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force as officers.


  • Skilled manpower is suitable for academic and research institutions as technicians.
  • Suitable for different government and non-governmental and private companies.
  • Skilled recipients can easily consume by pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic industries, food and dairy sector, chemical industries, etc.
  • Desired applicants can grab the jobs in medical sectors such as Pathology lab, PHC, blood banks, etc.
  • Suitable for laboratory technician, visiting, or regular lecturer at college and schools.
  • Suitable for JRF (junior research fellow) and SRF (senior research fellow), RA (research associate) at research institutions.

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Master of Science in Microbiology (2 Years)

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