Microbiology Hons. (4 Years)

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Semester 1

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
University Chemistry-I Basics of Computer
University Chemistry-I Lab Leadership/skill Management
Microbiology-I Indian Art:An overview
Microbiology-I Lab
Basics of Statistics/Mathematics
Modern English Language
Foreign Language-I

Semester 2

Core course Elective course (Any 2)
University Chemistry-II Data management and computer programming
University Chemistry-II Lab Introduction to Biotechnology
Microbiology-II Introduction to Theatrical Arts
Microbiology-II Lab
Basics of Statistics/Mathematics/td>
Cell Biology
Foreign Language-II

Semester 3

Core course Elective course (Any 1)
Microbiology-III Human resource Management
Microbiology Lab-III Accounting
Basics of Molecular Biology Communication skills
Basics of Molecular Genetics Introduction to politics and government of India
Basics of Statistics/Mathematics (Subsidiary) Law of India:An Overview

Semester 4

Core course Elective course (Any 1)
Microbiology-IV Finance
Microbiology Lab-IV Atmospheric Sciences
Introduction to Biochemistry Soft skills
Environmental science Status of Indian Rural growth
Basics of Statistics/Mathematics (Subsidiary)

Semester 5

Core course Elective course (Any 1)
Virology Introduction to Biophysics
Immunology Fundamentals of Environmental Microbiology
Microbes in Environment
Bioinstrumentation and Biotechniques
Genetic Engineering
Recombinant DNA Technology
Related Labs

Semester 6

Core course Elective course (Any 1)
Advances In Microbiology Introduction to Nanotechnology
Food and Dairy Microbiology Bioleaching: A biological process of metal extraction
Soil and Water Microbiology
Industrial Microbiology
Solid and Liquid Waste Management
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Related Labs I and II

Semester 7

Core course Elective course
Biofertilizers and Biopesticides -
Microbial Quality Control in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries -
Microbial Diagnosis in Health Clinics -
Related Labs I and II -

Semester 8

Core course Elective course
Concept of Intellectual Property Rights -
Applications of Microbes in Biotechnology -
Project work -

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