BioChemistry (2 Years)

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Graduation Degree science in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Chemistry or any equivalent subject with a minimum of 50% marks is required in the qualifying degree.

Pragram Objective:
  • The discipline of Biochemistry occupies a pivotal position in Teaching and Research of all Biological and Bio-Medical Sciences. The fields of Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences are incomplete without a sound knowledge of Biochemistry.
  • To demonstrate basic understanding of the biomolecules of living cells and the structure of macromolecules and their role in molecular recognition.
  • To enable them to understand the principles and basic mechanisms of metabolic control and molecular signaling.
  • To introduce students to various theoretical and practical aspects of biochemistry.
  • Students can build their knowledge and understanding in tackling more advanced and specialized courses, and more widely to pursue independent, self-directed and critical learning.
  • To implement experimental protocols, and adapt them to plan and carry out simple investigations.
  • To analyse, interpret, and participate in reporting to their peers on the results of their laboratory experiments

Program Educational Objectives:
  • To provide students with basic science and associated subject knowledge, abilities, and insight.
  • To gain technical knowledge and skills in order to address societal and environmental concerns.
  • To enable them to practice science as a profession.
  • To get experience in showing and communicating research ideas both orally and in writing.
  • To prepare them for competitive examinations by providing them with a comprehensive educational and methodical knowledge base.

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Program Outcomes:

After completing the major in Environmental Studies, students will be able to:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking: To assume, inquire and analyse, apply logical principles, validate assumptions, solve problems, integrate knowledge and widen perspective.
  • Learn to work as a team as well as independently to retrieve information, carry out Research investigations and result interpretations.
  • Acquire thorough knowledge in biochemical techniques, immunology, physiology and Biotechnology.
  • Gain proficiency in laboratory techniques in both biochemistry and molecular biology, and be able to apply the scientific method to the processes of experimentation and Hypothesis testing.
  • Develop the ability to understand and practice the ethics surrounding scientific Research.
  • Realize the impact of science in society and plan to pursue research.
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