Optometry (4 Years) (Including 1 Year Internship)

Optometry Introduction-
  • Welcome to College of Optometry 2020- 21 , SILVER OAK UNIVERSITY A unit of Medical science OPTEMETRY is a unique primary eye care profession. s.o.u is offering a Bachelor Full Time Degree course of 4 years Professional undergraduate degree in optometry. Pioneering in the field of optometry under s.o.u.
  • Bachelor of Optometry - s.o.u follows the updated recommendations of Indian Optometric Association & Qualified Team.
  • Duration - 3 years of academic & 1 year of compulsory Internship in Advanced Opthalmology Hospitals.
  • Contents in first year includes updated versions of the core basic subjects such as Human anatomy , Physiology , Applied anatomy of Eye, Clinical Physiology of Eye, Primary Eye care , Computer record Keeping etc.
  • Career scopes -- Looking into the epidemic and increase of Diabetes & other Medical conditions apart from aging Eye care has become very demanding so here the role of optometrist comes into picture.
  • The scope for optometric Practice in India & Abroad is great & unlimited … optometrists or optometric physicians are primary eye care & health Professionals concerned with vision care.
  • They have their own expertise in Determining one's Refractive error& prescribing appropriate correction.

    • They can be Private Practionars.
    • Into Academics.
    • vision consultant.
    • Optometry Researcher.
    • PHD scholars.

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Optometry (4 Years) (Including 1 Year Internship)

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