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  • B.Sc in Physics is a 3-year course divided into 6 semesters. Physics is basically the study of fundamental science which involves theoretical and experimental knowledge of modern concepts. B.Sc physics includes the basic knowledge of some core concepts like thermodynamics, electrodynamics, electronics, quantum physics, classical physics, statistical physics, magnetism, wave optics, and mathematical physics. It develops skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and mathematical representation of the physical phenomenon. It helps to create good imagination and a conceptual understanding of many natural phenomenons occurring in nature. One can inspect the existing speculation and also investigate new theories while studying this course.

Program Objectives:
  1. To understand the basic concept and principles of physics and is a creative member of the scientific community.
  2. To know about applying the fundamentals of physics to design and execute experiments on various advanced fields of physics.
  3. To develop the ability in the analysis of complex problems and solving it by using physical, mathematical, and computational techniques.
  4. To understand the challenges and develop the skill of continuous learning and self-development.
  5. To create an eminence physicist who becomes globally competitive by creative thinking and imagination.
Program Outcomes:
  1. The graduate will have knowledge and skill to identify and investigate the problems in the physical world.
  2. The graduates will be able to solve scientific problems and become competent at the global level.
  3. The graduates will have the ability to develop hands on tools for the experimental understanding of naturally occurring phenomenon.
  4. The graduates will have the expertise to analyze and interpret experimental data.
  5. The graduates will understand the ethical principles and responsibilities towards the society and nation.
  6. The graduate will have a positive attitude towards adopting new techniques and skills to overcome the challenges in the latest technologies.
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