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Brief of Alumni Cell
Alumni network works as one of the biggest assets in overall development of the university and hence we have maintained strong linkage with our Alumni’s. It functions act as a nodal agency for maintaining a liaison with the alumni all over the world and to involve them in the development of the institute. It promotes and encourages exchanging professional knowledge by undertaking and facilitating conference's, seminar’s, lectures and meetings amongst alumni, students, faculty and others. Our Mission is to provide value based technical education to mould the character of younger generation through our Alumni.
Aim and Objectives:
  • To foster the feeling of SOU fraternity among college alumni through interaction by promoting and propagating the achievements of the members and the Alma Mater through, newsletters, media, E mails etc.
  • Providing career guidance in both academic and extracurricular field to the public at large and students of the Alma Mater and creating opportunity for transfer of technology/ knowledge amongst the members and the Alma Mater.
  • Encouraging advancement of Science & Technology through Industry-Academia interaction.
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Contact Persons:

1. Mr. Nipen Shukla (Head -TPO) - +91 9924951604

2. Mr. Paresh Nadiya (Placement Executive) - +91 9879898794

3. Mr. Aevin Bhanderi (Alumni Relations Executive) - +91 9106764909

3. Mr. Mrunal Vasita (Alumni Relations Executive) - +91 9714518967

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