Dr. Pina Bhatt

Vice Provost

“VIDYAYA AMRUTAM ASHNUTE” reflects our belief that by making strong multi dimensional efforts in carving out our students as a raw diamond to make them shining and valuable through the multi dimensional environment of study. We believe to build divine teacher-student relationship in order to develop confidence so they can be the best fit in the dynamic environment of the business culture in the society. We have created the best learning environment in our campus that makes a lasting impact on the overall pedagogy of the real education system with a concrete base of making students human being first.
It can be considered as a small contribution towards the fast & time-framed developmental process of the nation which includes satisfaction of thirst of society for technical education by the potential of the youth to achieve a common goal of building a stronger nation. Socio-economic growth reflects greater impact on the entire process of development, can only be achieved with optimum blending of available resources with technical skills and field applicability of the shared knowledge by a resourceful, result-oriented work force comprising of energetic and enthusiastic engineers having not only classroom oriented academic skills but by having decent managerial skills with leadership qualities also, so as to avail valuable services towards nation.
The Dream of our Hon’ble Chairman and respectable and energetic Executive Director is the welfare of the society by providing HIGHER TECHNICAL EDUCATION FOR ALL DESERVING STUDENTS ON PRIORITY can only be achieved come true by applying fullest efforts towards the mission.
Let us start our first step towards our goal with our due responsibility and team efforts… and of course with blessings of almighty.
We strive hard to make our students to be GOOD HUMAN BEINGS, BETTER ENGINEERS, AND THE BEST INDIVIDUALS….

Dr. Samir Gopalan


College of Management || College of Commerce || College of Humanities & Social Science || College of Media & Mass Communication || College of Computer Application || College of Animation & Multimedia

ज्ञानं परमं भूषणम “Knowledge is the Sole Wealth”

Higher Learning & Education not only enhances one lively hood skills but also creates a an completeness of individual.

“Innovation in education means doing what’s best for all students. Teachers, lessons, and curriculum have to be flexible. We have to get our students to think and ask questions. We need to pique their curiosity, and find ways to keep them interested. Innovation means change, so we have to learn that our students need more than the skills needed to pass the state assessments given every spring. We have to give them tools that will make them productive in their future careers.”

The guiding philosophy of Silver Oak University, is to disseminate contemporary education for crafting future professionals by creating a learning atmosphere to create synergy between the today’s requirements and tomorrow’s demands. The University advisory board members include well-known industry leaders, reputed corporate mentors and renowned academicians from well-known universities who provide excellent guidancee for developing the right set of knowledge, skills and attitude.

The of Silver Oak Schools of Management, Commerce, Computer Application, Sciences & Humanities, working under the aegis of the University thrives to excel in every endeavor be it academics, research or employability. At Silver Oak University, we follow a parallel education system that works not only on developing the knowledge base for the students but equal importance is giving in enhancing the essential skills of the students. The teaching learning pedagogy is a diverse mix of classroom lectures, experiential learning and problem-solving. An enriched bouquet of electives, specializations, workshops, and skill building tie ups with industry for skill development, internships and live projects are all aimed at connecting theory with practice. The emphasis on innovative pedagogy and skill development makes our students take up excellent placements and develop fulfilling careers.

At Silver Oak University, we believe that the knowledge and skills base needs the right attitude for students to be successful. Hence, we aim to build strong character and morality by instillling greater human values in our students to make them into professionals with integrity and compassion.

At Silver Oak University, we believe that the knowledge and skills base needs the right attitude for students to be successful. Hence, we aim to build strong character and morality by instillling greater human values in our students to make them into professionals with integrity and compassion.

Rikhil Nagpal


Institute of Design

At SOID we promise to inculcate a holistic approach of imparting creativity as a skill rather than treating it as a subject. The critical aspects of Design Career are based on design thinking, research, visualisation, prototyping, acceptance and passion to weave dreams into realities out of nothing to masterpiece. At SOID, we nurture the ideas of each candidate with appropriate intellectual as well as industrial approach so as to pave way for its acceptance and admiration by classes as well as masses. Design is a business of Happiness, where designs create experiences while contributing in development of our society through their creative approach. There has to be a purpose behind every design and it is utmost important for the young and ignited creative minds to deliver organizational goal driven designs, which will help to build and make brands ageless. Special emphasis is given towards sharpening the communication and presentation skills of each budding creator. So that they develop the abilities to not only present the concept of their design rather are able to make clients visualize the same too. Proper forecasting and measuring the acceptance of a design makes it useful as well as iconic.

Importance is also given to design research and forecast to make the creations at par with the industry requirement and evolution. A designer learns to present and defend his or her design in-front of critiques, so that the clients can weigh the feasibility of the product as well as process. SOID exceeds level of pedagogy to andragogy as well as heutagogy so that design students can identify the problem and accordingly meet the need of a design.

The most important aspect for a Designer is to make stakeholders visualize the whole concept so that his or her creation sets the right expectations in their minds. SOID, teaches corporate communication skills to design students which constitutes negotiation skills, e-mail communication component level casting and how to say "NO" to an under paying deal, otherwise a designer will have to struggle through his or her entire life span. Emphasis is given on the details in a design along with multiple variants and most importantly, the design program at SOID focus on innovative use of contemporary ideas, so that those ideas can be converted to new and irresistible products.

Lastly, SOID ensures that every budding designer learns to build his or her own portfolios with their unique identity successfully while freelancing resulting in robust career development.

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