Dr. Satvik Khara

A warm welcome to all the students who have opted Silver Oak University as their educational frontier and I congratulate them on this decision as the tagline of the university, ज्ञानं परमं भूषणम, exudes its motto to the fullest.

As a quote from a Nobel Prize winner preaches "Education is the only way to change the world for good." stands true to its fullest today as we need the best from the education for us to grow as a mankind.

Education with Ethics can turn a mortal human to being. So, at our university we would like our students to not only be good Professionals but also be citizens of the nation who can bring a positive curve in the change through their knowledge and exuberance. As it has been proved in recent times, technology can be a saviour in various fields of life so can be other verticals of education.

With a league of experienced faculties at the university who are dedicated to the common goal of Education to Innovation, we would like to inculcate in all the students a sense of responsibility along with a pride of belonging to the one of the most vivacious university of the state.

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