Prof. Mit K. Shah

Prof. Mit K. Shah

“The goal of Education is the advancement of Knowledge and dissemination of the Truth”

Silver Oak University is a prestigious educational institution with the mission to impart quality education. Its aim is to create conditions for education that enhance the students’ academic and personal development by uniting high-level academic knowledge with practical education, based on corporate partnerships from outside the institution. In this global world, only by having a highly professional and open-minded education, the peers can incorporate a strong sense of ethics and responsibilities that help them remain competitive.

With the sole mission to serve the society and active participation in the national scientific and academic life Silver Oak University enjoys the acknowledgement and confidence of the esteemed citizens. We consider this to be of the utmost importance and value it highly and under this banner we shall continue to be a positive cultural and intellectual force in the community at large.

“Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom” quote- unquote as said by Socrates stands true for our philosophy in terms of educational policy. Student-oriented approach with cutting edge technology provided in a pleasant education environment enriched with highly acknowledged teaching staff using latest methodologies and highly professional and quality course material is what serves as the basis for higher education at Silver Oak University.

Along with the common aim of “Education to Innovation”, Silver Oak University thrives on inculcating responsibility into its students along with the knowledge of the curriculum giving them the utmost pride of belonging to the most effervescent university.


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