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Innovation that moves across terrains:

Indian Rosewood finds application in marine and aircraft grade plywood and also in carving, engraving and tool handles.

Who should join?

Any Engineering student who aspires to make a difference by engaging in hard core technical activities of Mechanical Engineering. A student who desires to join the BAJA activities must be prepared to convert the classroom knowledge to shop floor activities.

Any Automobile enthusiast who desires to innovate in the field of Automobile technology can also be greatly benefited by joining the Indian Rosewood Club.


The students, who are the members of the Club, indigenously design and develop an 'All-Terrain Vehicle' (ATV) every year.

The students conjure a very high 'Technical Quotient' while engaging in design and manufacture of the ATV. Owing to the platform provided by the Club, the students get an opportunity to work hard and learn very important concepts of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering.

The students develop a valuable quality of solving problems on their own, thus preparing them to become successful professionals in the future.

A Team of students participate in all major National Level ATV Championships, every year. The students also get an opportunity to get placed in renowned Automobile Companies while participating in the ATV Championships.


The Team SparkX was greatly admired at the SAE INDIA BAJA CHAMPIONSHIP 2014, for their innovation in the ATV The innovation was to convert the ATV from Two Wheel Drive to Four Wheel Drive. The team also stood 1st amongst all colleges of GTU.

The Team SparkX successfully participated at the BAJA Student India ATV Championship 2015, secured 2nd place amongst all colleges of Gujarat. The ATV developed for the championship was considerably light in weight as compared to the former ATV

The Team SparkX secured 1st position in the Maneuverability Test at GTU ATV Championship 2015. The Team missed the 1st position in the Acceleration Test by a mere margin of about 0.25 seconds. The Team stood 4th in the Endurance event.


  • 2nd in Gujarat in SAE india 2014.
  • 19 in India in Baja Student India 2015.
  • 5th in India in Baja Student India 2016.

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