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Silver Oak Law College is a revolutionary centre of continuously evolving legal perspectives. India Inc. is constantly throwing challenges for the Genext for out of the box solutions. At Silver Oak University Law College, we aim to cater to this demand with a continuous supply of legal resource who are industry ready and are willing to accept the challenges of tomorrow. From the inception, Silver Oak’s commitment to nation building and unflinching adherence to Universal human values are reflecting in its moto: ‘Gyanam Param Bhushanam’ meaning ‘Knowledge is the highest virtue’. The aim of the University is to disseminate learning and knowledge of law and legal process to develop a sense of social responsibility among the law aspirant and contribute to the growth and development of the nation and promote interdisciplinary study of law in relation to commerce, management and humanities. The law aspirant will be provided with practical exposure through Moot Courts, Legal Aid Clinics, workshops and expert sessions to name some. With the technical advancement and innovation driven growth of India, there is a vast deficit of legal professionals in the country to cater to the legal issues arising as by-product of this structural change in the economy. Legal professional are welcomed in all sectors whether public or private. A panorama of carrier option are option for Law students. Advocate, Legal Advisor, Legal Outsourcing, Law firms, Judiciary, Legal Analyst, Legal Researcher are to name some.

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