Solar Lab

Solar Panel/Welding Simulator

Solar Panel:

Recently established Solar Laboratory with hi-tech Equipments like Solar I-V Tester, Pyranometer, Digital Disto-meter to name a few. The Institute has also developed the Working model of Solar Standalone system, Hybrid System and On Grid System with net metering and also Solar pump setup with VFD. The 50 KW Solar plant is another feather is going to be added soon. We provide the knowledge of Solar PV Module Testing, Battery Testing, Inverter Testing, Charge Controller testing, Safety Guideline, Installation, Commissioning, Testing and Analysis of Solar System.

Welding Simulator:

The recently purchased MOGORA welding simulator, utilizes a live welding arc to perform simulation. The unique motion tracking technology provides the critical feedback required for improvement of baseline welding skills. With a voice prompt interface, users can guide themselves through assignment selection and simulated welding runs to acquire desired techniques before moving to actual live arc training experiences. The system also gives welding instructors the ability to configure assignments and technique parameters.


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