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Teaching & Learning Process

Learner-centered education through appropriate methodologies facilitates effective learning as teaching-learning modalities of the higher education institution. Silver Oak University believes in the Learner-Centered Teaching Approach to promote and develop the requisite knowledge, skills,attitudes, and continuous learning habit to its valuable students. Although the diversity of learners in respect of their background, abilities, and other personal attributes will influence the pace and extent of learning, learner-centered education calls for appropriate methodologies that can be used by teachers to provide a variety of learning experiences, including individual and collaborative learning. Effective Teaching-Learning Process lays a strong foundation for achieving academic success. Silver Oak University always emphasizes on outcome-based learning model, which uplift the students' career.

The faculty members of the Siver Oak University always work from the bottom of the heart for the students' betterment and constant progress. All the sessions are interactive so that the students can get maximum exposure in their respective fields. The faculty members also counsel the students during the session for effective teaching.

Nowadays, practical knowledge has a vital role in education. As per the current scenario, the Practical approach has a unique impact on the students' minds and way of learning. Practical knowledge helps the students to make their Academic portfolio stronger and also offers a placement in these days. Silver Oak University provides practical knowledge to all the learners and also makes them enable to solve any queries of their learning task. Silver Oak University provides internship,academic visits to throughout the Gujarat state for the maximum engineering-oriented exposure.

Siver Oak University also popular for having various technical clubs. Technical Clubs are the flagship and the benchmark of the university. These technical clubs mould the students' career and rebuild the students' perspective with uniqueness. The main advantage of these clubs is that the students can attend the club after college hours also. Technical Clubs offer various engineering programs like design, fabrication including ATV ('All-Terrain Vehicle' ) SPVC, ( ). The students are having an active participation in HACKATHON, MACKATHON, CAMATHON , and other technical events and getting solutions to various technical problems. All these technical clubs pour pure technical knowledge and try to realize the students the actual engineering while they are studying.

Innovative Approach adopted by Silver Oak University in Teaching-Learning Process

Guest Lectures/ Expert Lectures by eminent persons from Industry & Academic. Industrial/ Field Visits Use of Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching-Learning Process Seminars/ Workshops on Emerging/Innovative Avenues in various technical/ non-technical fields by Industry Experts Students/ Faculty Exchange Programs in collaboration with various renowned International Universities in various parts of the world. The professor of the university has also used modern pedagody methods like FLIP LEARNING, BLENDED LEARNING , which attracts the students to their learning.

Effective Teaching Methods/ Content Delivery

The professor of the university has also used modern pedagogic methods like FLIP LEARNING,BLENDED LEARNING, which attracts the students to their learning. The main method of providing knowledge is through lectures, the associated hand-outs and supporting material. Lectures are supported by associated problem solving sessions which reinforce the lecture content.Feedback on progress is given through tutorials, study groups, coursework, class tests, and students are expected to use this feedback to enhance & develop their learning.

Silver Oak University has been giving an exposure to be a Good human being in various perspectives. The university has a fruitful involvement in remarkable activities like Blood Donation Camp, Thalassemia Camp, Celebration of old age home, Tree Plantation, support Traffic Police, and traffic awareness and other noteworthy activities for the betterment of the society.


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