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Who should join?

This club is for those students who want understand Electrical Engineering in entirety, starting from electrical power generation to transmission and distribution through various power plant visits, learning important software related to electrical engineering and implementing that knowledge in hardware applications. In a way, this club intends to encourage students to innovate new ideas & develop interest for R&D which can be used to create new milestones in the field of technology.


  • Can work as an electrical contractor
  • Can join as a design engineer in power industries/plants
  • Can work as a R&D engineer in power industries/plants
  • Can develop interest in Research work & innovative ideas
  • Can contribute to academics by helping BE/ME students in preparing final year projects

Exposure to technology:

  • A visit to Thermal, Hydro, Solar, Wind Power Plants.
  • A visit to Power industries ABB, L&T, Adani, Tata Power.
  • Learning of software like MATLAB, PSIM, PSCAD, SCILAB.
  • An exposure to implementation of 50 kW Solar Panel at SOCET campus.
  • Learning how to prepare hardware of electrical circuits.

Vision and Mission:


To create a symbol of Excellence in education of Electrical Engineering. Through this club we will develop expert Electrical Engineer in Engineering field, those making considerable contribution to human resource development envisaging lively requirements of the society and industries.


Teak Tree Club aim is to provide the highest standards of excellent Research and Projects which can serve the community of world to make the life more secured and comfortable. This club emphasize on overall development of the students to make them best techno crests as well as a responsible human ability for the society.

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