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Mr. Kruvin Patel

When I first got into college from the first day, I have always felt like home. When I got into the third semester of the college, I got more interactions with the electrical faculties and all of them were really positive with their response to my queries. The environment of the college campus was really pleasant. I was always encouraged to learn and expose myself to new technologies & motivated to participate in extra curricular activities so that I can compete in all sections with enthusiasm. During Covid 19 outbreak, the faculties took the online sessions with great determination and helped me in every phase as it was a difficult time for everyone involved. During my last year of college, I had planned to go abroad for further studies. I was given full support by the Head of Department & other faculty members throughout my studies which was really important for getting me into my dream University. I was helped and motivated at each stage of my four years at Aditya Silver Oak Institute of Technology and it has been my pleasure to study at this institute.

Electrical Engineering
Silver Oak University


Mr. Shubhankar Singh

Senior Program Manager - Amazon

I have had the privilege to be in the Graduation and Post-Graduation programs in Mechanical Engineering at Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology wherein the amazing and supportive faculties not only inculcate us with practical knowledge through industry replicant infrastructure and practical approaches but also impart a sense of responsibility and the fire to go beyond our capacity and chase our dreams. I would forever be grateful to SilverOak University. This is something for which I can vouch even after close to 8 years post-graduation and 5 years post-masters and whirling teaching culture at SOU is like "Set a goal so big that you can't achieve it until you grow into the person who can".

Mechanical Engineering
Silver Oak University


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