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In our Indian culture since times immemorial, knowledge has been given utmost importance. Since Vedic civilization, the tradition of Gurukul is prevalent wherein the children of royal families as well as other strata of society were sent to acquire knowledge in the ashram of a Guru by living in close proximity to him.

Knowledge has been bestowed the highest pedestal in life by our ancestors and to emphasize this, it has been rightly said in Sanskrit that “Gyanam Parmam Bhushnam” (“Knowledge is the highest virtue”). In our culture knowledge has been given more importance than wealth.

Over the centuries, this glory of knowledge has remained the same or it can be said that it has increased with time. In today’s modern times, when the various aspects of life are being constantly influenced by new knowledge and technology, expansion of knowledge has become more important. Silver Oak University focuses on this core values and has been integral part of philosophy of the University.

In the logo of Silver Oak University, this age long glory of knowledge has been signified.

The whole unit of University logo has been divided in two parts namely; logo and the name of the university. In both the parts, the core values and mission of the University has been portrayed in both Sanskrit and English languages.

The topmost part has been engraved with the maxim “Gyanam Parmam Bhushnam”. Together with this a pictorial representation of a book included in a tree has been portrayed. Book is at the epicenter of knowledge that is why it has been given the central place in the logo. surround this book the branches of the tree are shown to be growing and below it the strong and firm roots of the knowledge tree have been illustrated. Thus the name of the Silver Oak University has been attached with the root. In this way, the entire unit of the logo portrays the glory of knowledge, its boundless growth and Silver Oak University as its firm roots. The green and brown colour used in the logo represents the strong relation between life and knowledge.

The second part of the logo has the name of Silver Oak University together with “Education to Innovation” which depicts the University’s mission towards education. The magnificence of knowledge is only when there is respect of new ideas and inventions. Innovation is a continuous process and keeping this in mind “Education to Innovation” has been depicted as the tagline of the University.

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