vision & mission

Vision and Mission


  • To be a leading institution of higher learning widely acclaimed for its quality education and innovative research contributing towards societal development and Nation building.


  • To provide value-based quality education with relevant skill-set to become responsible productive citizen.
  • To undertake innovative research and development activities to address challenges faced by mankind.
  • To serve the society, local community, industry, and government to enhance scientific and cultural environment of the region to enrich quality of life.

Values that Drive Our Goals

  • Excellence of the programmed quality and outcomes offered.
  • Access with Support to Succeed that gives all who desire the opportunity to take full advantage of the wealth of resources at Silver Oak University and to be included in the silver Oak community.
  • Integrity that holds us accountable to our students, the community, and all who serve Silver Oak’s mission, to manage our resources wisely and keep our promises.
  • Diversity that enlivens and strengthens our university, our community, and our society.
  • Respectful Relationships that build trust, inspire collaboration, and ensure the teamwork that is essential to Silver Oak’s success.
  • Freedom of speech, inquiry, pursuit of ideas, and creative activity.
  • Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability so that as we meet the needs of the present, we are not compromising the wellbeing of future generations.
  • Active Citizenry that promotes exemplary citizens.
  • Service to society and contribution towards national development.
  • Promotion of Indian culture & heritage.


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