White Oak Club

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Who should join?

  • All those who want to run the world in just some simple steps or instructions.
  • Those inspired to think and develop their own commands and to manipulate the computer programs.
  • Aspirants who want to be complete software engineers rather than just programmers.
  • Students with basic knowledge of designing and programming fundamentals.


  • Innovation of programming technologies will be the core focus of this club for which regular industrial interface and expert sessions will be carried out.
  • To learn different software development phases (SDLC).
  • To acquire computational thinking and to develop an expertise in coding.

Exposure to technology:

  • Inheriting designing fundamentals by learning various software's like Photoshop, Carel Draw etc.
  • Imparting knowledge of unique programming languages like Python, php etc.
  • Learning of softwares like MATLAB, PSIM, PSCAD, SCILAB.
  • An exposure to implementation of 50 kW Solar Panel at the SOCET campus.
  • Learning how to prepare hardware parts of electrical circuits.

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